Admin note - Carola

The link on the Admin I section is not longer my personal blog’s url, i changed it months ago and someone took it, as the many other urls i have had in the past. If you’re really interested and you really want to know what’s my personal blog (Admin I) and one of the ppl behind this blog apart from Eli, please send an ask. 

I won’t make it public because of personal reasons… hope u dont mind, is not big deal tho.

Also, i wanna thank and make public how grateful i am about working with Eli, she’s been an amazing blogger and has posted everything since i’ve experiencing some shitty problems with my computer. So thanks Eli, you’re the fucking best, without you this blog would have probably disappeared. Everything you’ve seen so far is part of her work, not mine and i have to credit her time, disposition and kindness. <3

PS. Non of us (me-CAROLA  nor ELI) are English native speaker, so please hope u understand if we make any mistake :P 

Hey guys: Big News on this blog!

I came back from my trip and,  as I thought, Eli did a great job as admin :D

I really don’t know why this idea didn’t come to my mind earlier but I decided to make her one of the admins of this blog.

I chose Eli cuz she’s a great friend of mine, she’s an amazing person and i love her, we’ve been sharing our Grimes passion together since the day we met.

My computer really sucks atm and she’s been super kind when it comes to share information.

So, Welcome darling! 

Eli’s blog:

My blog:

I’m going out of town for a week or more, so Eli will be posting these days..


I’ve been such a lazy blogger since my computer sucks and crashes every five minutes.

So! Eli ( , u might already known her) will be posting :D


Admin: Carola 

I’m trying hard to keep u guys posted

I’m havin problems with my internet connection

gnite dolls


wtf am i doing :D 

When was the first time you listened to Grimes?

Mine was on October 21st, 2011 with Swan Song (in this vid I got immediately obsessed with her voice and I started to look for her song and videos, at that moment the only vids on line were some live gigs, Rasik, Vanessa and Crystal Ball. Darkbloom was so hard to find, and i downloaded Geidi Primes and Halfaxa from Arbutus page.

Then, on December 1st, 2011, I decided to make this blog to honour her music when just a few around the world knew about her and now she’s a music Icon. :D

What was yours?

I’d like to know if @Grimezsz would ever consider to make a cover, if so, i’d like to know what song too :)


keep supporting Grimes, she rocks and i’m a bit drunk :)

hola! quién habla español?

BTW, I’m not Grimes.

This is me


OK, I don&#8217;t mean to be rude or sth, but this is WEIRD as fuck.
Similar name, same icon, same posts.
I (well, not me, the blog) got cloned LOL
Hi grimes-claireboucher-br! ._.